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Finding an all in one online bingo site is difficult but Tombola Bingo is giving just that to you. Tombola Bingo is one of the biggest online bingo sites that are available for players from London. Tombola Bingo is considered one of the largest online bingo sites based on the number of daily active players that they have reaching about a million. This site has been the talk of the town for UK players because it doesn’t only stand firm on their current market standing but the site is also a recipient of various international and local awards recognizing their great work on their online bingo site.

A Brief Introduction to Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo was launched during the year 1999 by Phil Cronin when the proliferation of computers and the innovation of internet was spreading wildly all across the US and London. Since its inception, the online bingo site has received so much love from the players and the brain behind the amazing site was even recognized for his valuable contributions to the online bingo industry.

Tombola Bingo did not become what it is today by taking a smooth road. In fact, Tombola Bingo has had their own share of ups and downs and they stabilized and re-launched only in the year 2008 which is pretty far from the original date of establishment. The temporary stoppage of the site’s operation served a greater purpose and that purpose is to make the site into a better one. And fortunately, it did happen. Since Tombola Bingo site’s re-launch, they have already received 13 major awards that were given by different award giving bodies. For your reference, here is a list of the various awards the site has received since 2008:

  • 2009:

          Best Chat Host Team

          Most Online Bingo Prizes Won

  • 2010:

          Best Online Game Innovation

          Most Online Bingo Prizes Won

          Online Bingo Operator of the Year by Online Bingo Awards

          Online Bingo Operator of the Year by EGR Awards

  • 2011:

          Best Chat Host Team

          Most Popular Online Bingo Site

  • 2012:

          Online Bingo Operator of the Year

          Best Overall Bingo Operator

          Best Bingo Chat Hosts

  • 2013:

         Most Socially Responsible Operator

         Online Bingo Operator of the Year

Seeing all these awards they have received, you will finally think you are hitting the jackpot when you become one of their millions of members. Well the truth is, you really are in for an awesome treat because Tombola Bingo has everything that you need from fun games, cheap game tickets to amazing cash prizes and even up to the friendliest chat host team. There is really no need to question their reliability and credibility because even the online bingo industry has already spoken the greatness of the site.

Featured Games at Tombola Bingo and How to Become a Member

Becoming a member of Tombola is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is visit their official website and click the sign up button and fill up the details that they are asking for. After you have done that, you will be required to enter your card details for the required deposit on the site. Do not worry because the site has a fool-proof payment system that will secure all your hard earned money that had been invested in the site.

Upon entry to the site, you need to deposit at least £10 to be able to become a bona fide member and access everything in the site. That deposit will let you earn free £20 so you will be starting off with a total of £30. You will surely love the site because you will be given bonuses daily and weekly and they even have free bingo games every now and then. The main highlight of the site is their weekly guaranteed progressive jackpot that can reach as much as £10 million.

You can win that jackpot prize by playing their games and some of them are as follows:

  • 90 Ball Bingo
    Since Tombola Bingo is a site originating from UK, it is expected that they have the standard bingo game for UK players however, their 90 ball bingo have unique themes and features that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • 80 Ball Bingo
    Because Tombola has probably one of the largest game collections they also offer the hybrid 80 ball bingo which has a relatively complex set of rules than the common bingo games you are used to.
  • 75 Ball Bingo
    The site is operating on a global setting so they have a wide game selection that is flexible to any type of player who joins the site. You can win great prizes in the different 75 ball bingo game rooms and you might even become some big star for the night when you luckily get the pot.
  • 60 Ball Bingo & 50 Ball Bingo
    These are the uncommon or rarely played online bingo variation but it is still offered in the site in case there are players who are comfortable in playing these games.

Aside from those typical online bingo games, Tombola Bingo also has different side games like Pulse (the newest addition to the gallery), Cinco, Bingo Roulette, Lucky 7, BingoLite, Bandit and many more. You will really be amazed at how great these games are and you will be more awed to know that the price per game ticket only cost 2p to £2!

You can enjoy full exclusivity at Tombola Bingo because they are the ones who create and develop their own games and only the members of the site can have access to it. The efforts of the site’s operator and his team really knows no bound and they will just keep on innovating to make a more enjoyable Tombola site for you and your friends. Don’t miss the chance to become part of the most popular online bingo site and be sure to take as much bonus as you can get once you are already inside.