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Bingo Hall Online has been in the business since 2002, and ever since then its motto “Home Sweet Hall” has been associated with hundreds of games offered by the site. Even now there are ever more games being added to the site’s roster, which means players are certain to finds something they shall like on the site.

Bingo Hall Featured Games

Nonetheless, there is at least one drawback to having so many games available. Players who are pressed for time may find it difficult to choose which games to try or to get a feel for which games might best suit them. Fortunately, Bingo Hall Online often runs promotions to feature special games from among its stables. Here we shall go through some of the latest such games to be featured on the site.

Bingo Hall Online Featured Games

  • Black Diamond video slots – The Black Diamond video slots game is a video slots game on Bingo Hall Online that many players will surely love for its easy handling and eye-catching graphics. But an even better reason for including this game in the list is the promo Bingo Hall Online is running on it this May.

The promo is called the “A Brilliant Cut” tournament, and it essentially rewards those who play the Black Diamond video slots most often. Points are earned by spending money on the slots – every dollar spent on the game means another point in the player’s favor. Winners are ranked based on the number of points they have accumulated at the end of the month.

The amount of prize money awarded is dependent on both a player’s rank relative to the other winners (determined by the number of tournament points) and his rank in the website’s VIP/loyalty scheme. For example, first place for those only at the Rookie to Steel level earns $300 in cash. For those in the Bronze to Platinum level, it earns $500 in cash. Finally, for those in the Princess to Master level, it earns $2,500 in cash.

  • Grand Derby chat game – This chat game is available for players in the Bingo Hall Online Supernova room. It runs each day, from 9 in the evening to midnight. The idea is to bet on which line (called “the horse” in this game) the game is going to bingo on. This means that there are 15 lines to bet on all in all.

Once there is a winning line, another race ensues. This time, the first 5 players in the chat game to claim the winnings will get the prize: each of them will receive a hundred bonus bucks as a reward.

  • Gildopoly chat game – Tailor-made for Monopoly fans with a need for bingo in their blood, the Gildopoly chat game sees players moving around the board each time bingo is made. Each move brings them new opportunities to earn more bonuses and rewards from the website.

The bonus amounts awarded vary based on the space occupied by the player’s pawn, of course, but the lowest one can get is 30, with the higher spaces awarding as much as 150. These are not always individual awards either: some of the squares actually award equal prize amounts to the person whose pawn landed on them along with his neighbors. Others award equal amounts to the person and any other player of his choice. This game is a good way not only to collect free bonus funds but also to get to know one’s fellows in the community.

  • Bahama Mama – This is technically a tournament spanning all of the website’s bingo game rooms, but it is worth playing if only for the allure of the reward. Running all throughout the month of May, this tournament requires players to participate in three stages.

First, they have to see out the palm tree pattern on bingo cards in the site’s bingo rooms. Points are awarded for every sighting of the pattern based on the room where the winning card was played. For instance, if the card with the palm tree pattern was found in the Nickels Room, the award is 2 points for the tournament. If the card was found in the Supernova Room instead, the award is 15 points. Obviously, the lower-ticket rooms have lower points while the higher-ticket ones command more points per palm tree pattern.

On the 30th of the month, just before midnight, the second stage kicks in. This is when the website counts the tournament points players have accumulated throughout the month. For this Bingo Hall Online promotion, only the top 50 players will be included in the third and final stage. These are the players with the most tournament points.

Once the top 50 have been found by Bingo Hall Online, they will play in the final bingo game of the tournament on the last day of the month. The schedule for the final game is from 5 in the afternoon to midnight. The winner will be the one who wins the most bingo games throughout that period.

The award for this tournament is a 6-night all-in paid vacation for two to Melia Nassau Beach in the Bahamas.

  • The Million Dollar Party bingo game – Held each Saturday, this is a featured bingo party game at Bingo Hall Online to which members are invited. The game is not named the Million Dollar Party for nothing: the prize pool is actually worth $2M.

A number of online bingo games will be involved within it, so it really is better termed a party than a game. All of the games have guaranteed prizes of $1,000. However, some games’ pots shall be much higher, with some even reaching as much as $100K. There are 2 coveralls per hour with as much $15,000 awarded on the first 50 calls. There is also a fixed prize for the Full Moon Party pattern at $10,000 on all the calls. Bonuses are also given out during the game—as much as 50 per player. Finally, Bingo Hall Online has an afterparty event following these, with fixed prizes of $300.