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Cheeky Bingo is more than just a catchy name for an online game. This name also represents one of the most generous offers in the online bingo world. The offer is so generous that the site is now becoming one of the top favorites of a new breed of bingo enthusiasts. The deals offered by the site are also sweetened by various promotions.


The site is powered by Brigend Limited software that is produced by a company duly licensed in Gibraltar. The software used by the site is specifically designed for bingo games and a range of other casino games. This ensures the presence of a top-notch bingo game in every round and every room.

The Warm Cheeky Bingo Welcome

Whilst many online bingo platforms are banking on the no-deposit promotion, Cheeky Bingo is welcoming new players with a massive 500% bonus after making an initial deposit of £10. The bonus does not end there, as the site will also give players an additional 50% of the first 10 reloads. More bonuses generally mean more games to try and consequently, more chances of winning too!

Players who also wish to give this site a trial can do so without paying a dime. One of the latest offers on the site, for the new and potential players, is £10-worth of free Bonus Bucks without even making any deposit. This free bingo credit is immediately deposited into the player’s account, and can be used immediately in any of the prescribed free bingo game rooms. The guaranteed jackpots of these free bingo rooms can reach a maximum of £50, which can also be claimed instantly.

If you wish to maximize all the promotions offered on the site, you may want to try making a second deposit of £100. This money can turn into £300 of credits instantly. This is due to the 200% reload bonus. The third deposit made by the player also gets to earn 100% of the deposited amount. In short, the more deposits you make, the fatter your virtual wallet will become.

The Cheeky Bingo Loyalty Program

Now you know what is in store for new players but it is also nice to know what keeps the old-timers coming back to the site. As with any other online bingo platform, Cheeky Bingo also takes care of its long-time clients using the Loyalty Program. Each player who chooses to join in on any of the regular games or special games gets to earn ‘Cheeky Points’ which can be exchanged for cash or used as game credits.

The Weekly Specials hold the most Cheeky Points to be earned. Games such as the Friday Frenzy, Daily Delight, and Monster Monthly are highly recommended by experienced Cheeky Bingo players. Moreover, loyal members may also opt to pre-purchase the bingo cards for major jackpot games. These cards also come with Cheeky Points. The best part of being a member of this VIP group is that you get to make a withdrawal of winnings up to 10 times in a single day.

It is important to point out that, for players who are not members of the loyalty program, the withdrawal policy is slightly different. For instance, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of £30 per transaction, which may take up to 7 banking days to be processed. Wagering limits are likewise imposed. It is also equally important to note that all withdrawals are guaranteed and safe.

The Cheeky Games

Aside from the 75- and 90-ball bingo games, the site also offers players an opportunity to play fun slots. The Bingo Bucks you have earned throughout other games can be used to play the reel slot games. If you find yourself running out of luck on the slots, you may want take a quick break and focus on the Free Bingo Games that are often hosted between 1PM and 5PM on weekdays. Although these games are free, the prizes are just as massive as other regular games. The free rounds of bingo take place in 6 different rooms offering payouts as huge as £80,000 in a single month.

Although it is definitely more fun and entertaining to play bingo on a large screen, it’s nice to be able to play on your tablet or smartphone when you’re out and about. The Cheeky Bingo app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The game has just become more accessible and the free bonuses even more attainable. If you happen to have any questions about this platform, the site has a quick link to customer support chat and e-mail. Feel free to use those channels.

The Cheeky Community

This is the kind of community you would want to join. This page features subcategories containing helpful information to improve your overall bingo experience. For instance, a quick tour at the Bingo Lingo and you will instantly know all the terminologies and will never get lost again. The Bingo Calls offer reminders on up and coming bingo games you won’t not want to miss. The Bingo Glossary enables you to know the technical definitions of certain terms you may come across while exploring the site. Events are also announced on this page. More importantly, players can see these announcements and connect with the site via social media; advertisements, surprise prizes, exciting events – these are all announced through Twitter, Facebook, as well as on YouTube. The winners’ names (or usernames) are also listed on these sites.

Are You Ready for the Cheeky Bingo Experience?

If the promos, the community and the long-term benefits sound enticing now, you can start making Cheeky Bingo memories right away. Firstly you will have to register and claim your Free Bingo Bucks and the 500% bonus on your deposit. It is suggested that you try having fun at the free bingo rooms first before joining the regular sessions. Read the promo instructions and be keen on checking the announcements too.   Also observe how your points grow and see if you can qualify for the VIP group. Most importantly, have fun while cultivating your own Cheeky Bingo experience.