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Bingo Hall in one of the most popular bingo and slots website, operated by Digital Entertainment Services Ltd. With such a past behind this company, high-level gaming experience is ensured no matter what kind of game you choose to play.

The website has a lot of promotions that are renewed time to time to make sure you don’t get bored. There are regular ones, and seasonal ones, too.

They don’t only renew their promotion offers, but their games as well. You can select from bingo games, video slots, video poker, keno, and pull tabs. You can always find new games among these, so go ahead and choose your favorite.

Which are the best new games at the moment offered by Bingo Hall online? Check out the reviews of Orbital mining and some others to see which your favorite is.

Orbital Mining – Spin the Galaxy on Bingo Hall online

Spin the Galaxy reels in the game of Orbital Mining, offered by Bingo Hall online. This game rolled out in 2014 and since then it enriches the Bingo Hall online repertoire big time. It has always been a popular game since it was launched and has been played by many people worldwide.

The theme is inspired by the outer space world, with a team of female soldiers and scientists who patrol the universe and are hoping to collect precious space minerals. The graphics and visuals are outstanding and the realistic depiction makes the game really exciting like you were part of the mission as well. The background music and the sound of the slots all remind me of some future space mission. It is a really nice overall theme with shiny uniforms and glittery minerals.

This game is a five reels and twenty-five playline slots game, where you can collect impressive bonuses and prizes. The reels are loaded with the female soldiers that represent the high symbols, and the precious minerals are the low icons. Spin the Galaxy reel and put them in line!

If you manage to hit three Atomic scatter bonus, you’ll gain entry to the Smuggled Goods Scan Bonus round for extra free spins and multipliers. Orbital Mining is one of those games that offer an impressive amount of payouts during the base play. While Scatter wins can go up to 2,500 credits, the highest symbol will be worth 500 coins.

The playline bet is set between $0.01 and $5. After registration on Bingo Hall online, you immediately can approach to play the game as you’ll be given $25 for completely free. This will fund your first games.

Each and every game requires you to login to play. If you are a new member, you can register easily on the website, and you’ll immediately receive the $25. After you spent all that find credit, you can add more by depositing on the website. Fortunately, bingo hall generously awards the first three deposit payments. Altogether you can further boost your account by an incredible 2016% bonus! Furthermore, with depositing you’ll get access to all the games and tournaments offered on the website. Tournaments, like the Million Dollar Party, are only for funded players.

Besides Orbital Mining, there are other games available on Bingo Hall online. check out the newest ones in this list

  • Good Girl Bad Girls

Gentlemen, prepare. This amazing slot game from Betsoft is going to be entertaining for you. Choose to play in good or bad mode, and spin the 5 reel slot machine to win! Bad play mode means higher risk but also higher prizes to win. Or, double your current bet by playing in both modes at the same time that will give you a choice of bonus features. The visual of this game is impressive, with the two ladies flying on both sides: and angel and a devil. Start playing today on Bingo Hall online.

  • 2 Million BC

Betsoft has never travelled further in time like they did in this game. Not any further but to 2 million BC! This game is my personal favorite. With the cutest intro video, they explain that women appreciated diamonds in those times, too. So, what can cavemen do to win the cavewomen’s hearts? Collect as many diamonds as possible. The jungle has a lot of dangers, though. In this game, you have to help the poor but enthusiastic caveman to collect some diamonds to his beloved girl. The graphics are really nice, with the cavemen ‘commenting’ on all the spins. if you aren’t fast enough, he will express his boredom too! So hurry up and help him establish the basis of the whole mankind, on Bingo Hall online!

  • Greedy Goblins

Another perfectly executed game from Betsoft. It is a 5 reel, 30 playlineslots, where the bets start at $0.02 a coin available on bingo hall online. This game has something for every player. Everyone can win Sticky wilds, Cascading drops, bonus rounds and free spins. If it is not enough yet, they even included progressive jackpot in the game. If you’re betting at the maximum of $75, you may win it! It is really worth checking out this game too.

  • Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose is a beautifully themed game by Betsoft, with flawless animation and exciting gameplay. Gypsy Rose will sit on next to the 5 reel slots machine to accompany you in the otherwise lonely game. The theme is really smooth and colourful, Gypsy Rose even has an accent when she speaks! There are free spins, tarot bonuses, and much more to be collected. The only negative feature of the game is that I had to wait several minutes for the bonuses to load. But, maybe it’s only about my internet connection. Visit Bingo Hall online and check out this unique game!

  • Pinocchio

Another great game from Betsoft. It is a 5 reel, 15 play line game. Pinocchio and Mister Geppetto wait for you to enter the game, and they are going to cheer for you from the sides every time you win something. The game is brilliant and has numerous bonus distractions to keep you entertained. You can choose coins from $0.02 to $1.00 to play with. The background song is really chilled out and creates a cozy atmosphere. Check this game out on Bingo Hall online.

We can declare Betsoft the king of online 3D slot games. It doesn’t matter which game you choose built by them, you can be sure to have a great time. All of them are beautifully rendered, and massive amounts of bonuses are included to keep the game fresh. So, what are you wait for? Go to Bingo Hall online, register for the $25, place the deposits to get the 2016% of bonus, then enjoy the games on the website.