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Online bingo is one of the most popular pastime activity in the US and in the UK as well. There are many pages in both countries that provide gamers with quality and fun bingo, slots and other online games. Most of the times these sites also provide free bingo games for the newcomers. Why? The answer is really easy.

Free Bingo Games

Nowadays many people are confident with online playing, including all the hustle and bustle it may cause. And I am talking about online payments. Some people are confident with it but there are some people who, despite they want to play, but don’t really want to spend money online at all. Well, this segment is targeted by these websites too. Most of the websites offer free bingo rooms where newbies can get used to the rules and the game and practice a little bit before undertaking their very first big game for big prizes. The good news is, that although these games are for free, gamers still can win real money!

Otherwise, everyone will receive other opportunities to play for free, besides playing free bingo games. Often times the registration processes are awarded a certain amount of welcome bonus that you also can use to play. You can win real money while you still have not paid any money! Most if the sites are not satisfied to offer only these as free money. Upon your first deposit, you usually get some percentage of deposit bonus as well, usually hundreds of percentages.

I collected some of the most popular US bingo sites that offer free bingo games to their players. Make sure to check them out to polish your bingo skills!

  1. Free Bingo games offered by Digital Entertainment Services Ltd (DES)

Websites, operated by Digital Entertainment Services Ltd, have most of their offers in common. The top pages include Bingo Hall Bingo, Vic’s bingo and many more. Quite a successful and widespread setup, I must say.

These bingo sites are the most popular bingo sites in the US. As on most of the best bingo sites, you can play free bingo games here, too. All you have to do is to register on any pages owned by DES and search for the free practice room.
Upon your successful registration, you will receive $25 for totally free, that you can further invest in your gaming career. However, if you’d like to prepare a little bit, start in the free rooms, where the prizes are $0.50. Which is not quite high, but if you consider that this is free money and you basically have nothing to lose –especially with the $25 bonus-, it sounds way better.

Apart from the free rooms, there are other free bingo games for you to look for. Each siteoffers the great Free Million Dollar party. In order to join the party you have to have deposited a minimum of $50 on any of the sites and you will get points in exchange in bingo and in slots. The top 5 players daily will qualify for the Free Million Dollar party, held on 31 March, 10pm-2am on each site.

The websites are very generous with $100 or more deposits. You can get up to 500% deposit bonus if you place a big deposit.

  1. Bingo Sky

Bingo Sky is an awesome bingo site powered by Vista Gaming. This website offers an awesome opportunity for free bingo games, all available in the Bingo Freeroll room. There is a total $6000 to be won each week for totally free. The exclusive Bingo Freerollmulti party has 3 parts, each providing the opportunity to win $10. It adds up to an amazing amount $30 to be won every single day. The games take place every day between 1:00 pm EDT and 11 pm EDT.

Moreover, Bingo Sky also has a really generous welcome bonus where you can collect up to 1500% bonuses! To start with, everyone will get $25 for free after registration. Also, you will get 500% on your first deposit, 600% on your second one, and 400% on the third deposit. You can use this bonuses to fund your games for free and win a lot of money in any of the rooms. As you see, Bingo Sky has many bounteous options for you to collect some money for free.

  1. Bingo Billy

Bingo Billy has a really great deal for free bingo games for their new players. In this month, they offer $100 for free as a trial bonus so you can try out their games and their top-notch services. All you have to do is to sign up, and then you can redeem your prize by checking your emails, and clicking on the red button in the email you receive. Make sure to fill out the registration form correctly to receive the email. After this process, you can immediately sign in and enjoy the games. Bingo Billy also has other welcome bonuses for its new registered players upon their first deposits. It is 2016, so you can apply for an awesome 2016% bonus on your first four deposits. That means 504% after each one. Which you can all use to play in every room, which makes playing completely free.

  1. Bingo Mania

Bingo Mania also has something for its players every day. It will give out free bonuses on every Wednesday and Saturday on every deposit. Unlike most of the other sites, Bingo mania there aren’t any wager requirement rules on any of these bonuses. You will get 300% if you deposit $100+, 200% for every $50-$99, and 100% after $50, plus your progressive reward bonuses for all of them. Players can also receive bonuses on a daily basis after their deposits. Every deposit of $100 and above will be worth a 200% free bonus, and everything under $100 will be awarded a 100% free bonus, plus the progressive reward bonus for both. With this amount of bonuses, we can declare that some of the games you’re going to play will be free bingo games.

So you see, most of the sites follow a similar pattern when it comes to free bingo games. My personal opinion is that Bingo Sky offers the most for the gamers. In comparison with the other sites on the list that I have made, you can see that Bingo Sky offers far more jackpot in its free bingo games room than any of the other sites. Furthermore, their deposit bonuses are impressive as well. However, no matter page you will decide to try out, you will surely be able to play quite a bit for free, and at the same time have the opportunity to win real cash.