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The charm of bingo online games has captured millions of people worldwide. The simplicity of the game enables everyone to join and have some fun. These games offer more than just entertainment, but also jackpots that can grow until a million dollars or more!

How can you win with bingo online games?

There are 2 types of jackpots: pre-set jackpots and a progressive jackpot system. Pre-set means that the amount is specified in advance, so you exactly know what you can expect in case of winning. The big money, however, lies in progressive jackpots. It starts at a pre-set amount and increases as players continue buying cards. Therefore, a progressive jackpot can peak at a million dollars, or even more! And in bingo online games, you can find both types of jackpots.

The amount of the jackpot depends on the amount of cards sold, and this in turn depends on the traffic of the site. Let’s see some of the most well-known bingo online game sites that are sure to have massive traffic and huge jackpots.

  • Bingo Knights
    A brilliant and fun website, with various promotions and bonus opportunities. Besides other casino games, Bingo Knights offer four different bingo rooms to play: Dragon’s Lair, Camelot, Courtyard, and the Tavern, which is free. They provide free games, however, if you’d like to go for the biggest jackpots, you will have to sign up and pay a deposit of minimum $30. Bingo Knights has an e-wallet system that enables you to instantly fund your bingo or casino accounts. Withdrawals are easy with the e-wallet system, but there’s a minimum of $100, and a maximum of $1250 per week.
  • 888 Ladies
    The site, full of flowers and nice overall design offers multiple progressive jackpots and guaranteed jackpots to win. The online chat adds more fun – as bingo is a social scene after all. You can play the classic 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, and the fast paced 5 line bingo. You can track the jackpot amount on a weekly schedule and there are many fun promotions that are worth checking out, too. In the first 3 days after the free registration, you can win £888. Then, if you wish to further fund your account you can select from numerous deposit options.
  • WinkBingo
    WinkBingo offers the 90 ball games, 75 ball games and 5 line bingo. On the 20th of each month, they host a jackpot game, where Wink guarantees a payout of at least £3000, but this amount can accumulate up to 5 million! Also, every Friday at 8:30 pm Wink offers a jackpot of £1000 which also has the potential to rise to £1 million. To start playing you will have to register, and then place a minimum deposit of £5, with one of the various payment methods. The minimum withdrawal is £10, and you will have to deposit £20 to withdraw anything.
  • Costa Bingo
    Costa Bingo pays out a £500,000 jackpot every month. But no one can tell in advance how much the jackpots will peak on a lucky day, in both 75 and 90 ball bingo online games. You can track it on the site and jump into a game accordingly. There are over 50 rooms offering online bingo games and chat with fellow gamers. Each Friday night there’s a £10,000 jackpot game for free. You can start with free bingo, but to get access to higher prizes and jackpot games, you will have to deposit £5 with wire transfer, card payment, or Neteller accounts.
  • 123 Bingo
    This site was launched in 2004 and since then gained the popularity to be one of the biggest bingo online games platforms. All the 5 bingo rooms here have progressive jackpots. There’s a room with a catchy name: the Million Dollars room. Here, every game is a chance to win a million dollars! The minimum deposit is $27, but new players are welcomed with a $30 free bonus after signing up. You can easily register and place a deposit with credit, debit card, or e-wallet, including Neteller.
  • Vic’s Bingo
    It was established in 2002 and it offers high-quality bingo online games for thousands of gamers ever since. Currently, they are promoting a free Million Dollar party to celebrate loyalty and devotion to their community, where besides this million dollar progressive jackpot, $50,000 is the guaranteed prize pool. You can start playing with a deposit of $25. They accept a variety of payment methods. The minimum amount of withdrawal will depend on the methods you choose as each has their own limits.
  • RobinHood Bingo
    This site has 75 ball and 90 ball bingo online games, free bingo, progressive and guaranteed jackpot games, and chat rooms to entertain visitors as you play the part of Robin Hood and his merry men. Progressive jackpot games “Rob the Bank” and “Sheriff’s Treasures” are played every single day. You can start playing for free, but if you’d like to fully benefit from the bingo online games, you should place a deposit of £5. They accept a variety of payment methods as well. The minimum withdrawal is £30 and the maximum is £1000 daily, £2000 weekly and £3000 monthly.
  • Winneroo
    Progressive jackpot games are held 24/7 in every 90 ball bingo room of Winneroo. Also, in 75 ball bingo, there’s a progressive jackpot game daily from 6:15 pm to 11:45 pm in every 15 minutes in the Chatterbox Room. They accept certain credit and debit cards, and online payment methods for the minimum deposit of £5. The withdrawal should be £20-£1000 per day. All the limits can be adjusted to individual members, if you need to increase the limits, a friendly team is at your disposal for assistance.
  • Foxy bingo
    Foxy bingo is one of the biggest and most glamorous gaming sites in the UK, offering a huge variety of games to play with, including bingo online games. There are pre-set jackpot games, and in each room, you can win the progressive jackpot, that can swell up to a £1 million. In the room Foxy’s Newbies, you can get accustomed to the game for free. You can multiply your winnings with constantly renewing promotions. The minimum deposit is £10, after which you can join any game. There are withdrawal limits of £1000 per day, £2000 weekly, and £3000 monthly.

Each bingo online games site has excellent design and graphics for your entertainment, where you can spend some enjoyable time daily. It is worth keeping track of the jackpots on each site, as you never know which will hit a million! There are announced, or scheduled bingo online games, but for progressive jackpots, the sky is the limit.