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Learning a new game such as online bingo can be tough. You might be new to Internet bingo or to the game itself. In both cases, it helps to find newbie-friendly sites where you can play bingo for money. This often involves features such as newbie chat rooms, although there are others. Here are some of the best options:

Special Rooms for New Players

  • 888Ladies Bingo

888Ladies Bingo is a site where you can play bingo for money and is part of the Joy of the Bingo network. The site features Dragonfish software, which is one of the leaders in the world of online bingo. This improves the value of the site since the games are built on one of the top software platforms in the online casino industry. If you play bingo on the site you’ll likely notice that it’s similar to sites including Bingo Street, Wink Bingo, and others.

One great feature of the site is the newbie room. Not only is the site a place where you can play bingo for money, but you can also use your mobile device to enjoy bingo games through a mobile app. All you need is an iOS or Android app and web connectivity.

The site has many bonuses and promotions, which helps to boost the value of the site. When you sign up for the site you can enjoy 888 pounds worth of free bingo at the site during the first free days on the site.

888Ladies Bingo also includes a welcome bonus. You can get a bonus of 60 pounds when you make a deposit of 10 pounds or more. That’s a big 500% at this site where you can play bingo for money.

You can then also play various free/bargain bingo games at the site. That will make your bonus money last longer, which is a plus.

The site also includes several promotions. That includes 50% re-load bonuses, guaranteed jackpots, and progressive jackpots, The site also includes various tournaments and special offers.

888Ladies Bingo includes a wide variety of games. If you’re a beginning online bingo player you’ll also be able to choose from several quality games that will improve your bingo-playing experience.

Another major benefit of the site besides the ability to play bingo for money is that there are several chat games that you can play. This provides a lot of fun and allows you to earn loyalty points. There’s a newbie chat room where you can learn how to play bingo if you’re new to the game.

Other important community features of the site include blogs, referral bonuses, and social medial platforms. These will all help to improve your Internet bingo experience at the site.

  • Cheers Bingo

This site where newbies can play bingo for money includes a newbie room As the same suggests the site has a party ambiance. You can find images including balloons, champagne, and even two glasses for the bubbly drink. The irony is that the site is actually very similar in other ways to other bingo websites that are on the same website network.

If you’re a new bingo player the party theme at Cheers Bingo can help to keep you excited about playing bingo. That’s definitely a plus since learning any new game can be challenging and sometimes even stressful. However, the images of the balloons and champagne glasses can certainly help to keep you motivated about learning and playing Internet bingo.

It’s quite easy for newbies to register at the bingo site. Within a few minutes you’ll be signed up at the site and ready to start playing bingo and winning money.

You can learn about the latest information on the site where you can play bingo for money. They include the top offers, top games, and bonus wheel. If you want to get some practice on the bonus wheel you spin it but you have to deposit 10 pounds or more in order to get the bonus.

There are also many great features at Cheers Bingo. They include a chat room for newbies. This is a great place where you can learn the rules of online bingo, which will help you to get started playing the game. There are other bingo rooms at the site where you can play bingo games, chat, and play chat games.

  • Ted Bingo

This is another site where you can play bingo for money  and play bingo in a newbie room. The site itself is somewhat new was launched in May 2016. The software features Dragonfish software, which is one of the top casino software developers in the industry. The site’s software has some of the best features in the industry. In fact, you can find some features that are only available at Ted Bingo.

One of the best features of the site is a 700% welcome bonus. There’s also a Ted Prize Wheel. That gives regular players the chance to add bonuses.

The site’s style is very stylish. It features a bear that is a James Bond-like character. This is one of the features of the site in addition to the ability to play bingo for money.

There are many prizes at the site. There are various jackpot games where you can win a lot of money playing bingo games.

In fact, the site is taking steps to increase its number of winners. It has 1tg/2tg prizes on 90%+ of the games that are played on Ted Bingo. This shows that the site is taking steps to make the bingo games more favorable for its players.

If you’re a new player not only can you play bingo for money and play bingo in a newbie room. You can also enjoy the welcome bonus with a 700% bonus. It’s payable on the first deposit that’s made. It must include at least 10 pounds. That gives you 70 pounds to play various bingo games with. Not only that, but the wagering requirement is just 2x of the deposit is made. You should also keep in mind that the bonus is simpler than other Dragon fish offers.

It’s important that this offer is only for new players at Ted Bingo. It’s important to review the site’s terms & conditions so you’ll know exactly what’s required of you and the bingo website.

If you’re looking for casino sites where you can play bingo for money  these are some of the top ones. They also allow new bingo players to practice in newbie rooms, which is a plus. It will help to speed up how fast you learn Internet bingo games and start winning money in the process.