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One of the biggest reasons why playing bingo for money is like an epidemic, is because bingo is still a game that can bring lots of fun, excitement, and thrills, thanks to its huge jackpot rewards. Starting from the ordinary bingo hall, anyone can play to win a jackpot prize that’s worth $50 to $100. In a larger bingo hall, which provides a bigger stake, these jackpots can go as high as one million. The rewards that these players can win in a bingo for money game usually come in the form of real cash. However, certain Websites also reward their players by providing them with a car, a luxury cruise, a vacation to a tropical island, and even novelty rewards such as dinners or special drinks.

Certain bingo games also tend to provide payouts based on the percentage of cards that are sold to their clients. Taking part in these high stakes bingo for money games will follow the main rule that the bigger the stakes, the better the payout. This is because the percentage that the game takes for their payouts is based on a huge amount of cash.

A high stakes bingo for money game can provide rewards from $50,000 up to $1M. Playing for these super jackpot rewards can also encourage players to win larger payouts. However, there’s a smaller chance for them to actually hit that jackpot, due to the constraints that come with the limited amount of balls that get drawn. These balls are the key to finishing that winning pattern. So in short, hitting the jackpot in these bingo for money games might take a few months.

All gambling machines are supposed to show the percentage return-to-player figure, also known as the % RTP. This is also the odds of winning that final prize, from using the machine. Whenever a person plays bingo for money, there aren’t any statutory percentage payouts, especially for gaming machines.

Websites that make these bingo for money machines available to the public, as well as the ones that supply and manufacture these machines need to have an official license coming from a renowned Gambling Commission. They can also hold a permit that is given to them by a local licensing authority. These game manufacturers and suppliers need to make sure that the machines they create follow the commission’s technical standards, especially after they are sold to bingo for money sites.

Payout Rates of Popular Websites When You Play Bingo for Money

  • Bucky Bingo – This bingo for money site has a payout rate of 90%. The betting requirements will always depend on the games that the players decide to play in the end. The wins from both bingo bonus spending, as well as the instant bonus spending, will go straight to the bonus balance until the player has met their complete betting requirements. The smallest withdrawal is £10, and has to be processed for at least 3-5 days. After the player signs up with this bingo for money site, they will be given a 500% welcome bonus. This is equivalent to a £30 bingo bonus, as well as a £20 games bonus when the player deposits some cash and spends only £10. This equals to a huge £60, which they can spend on their favourite bingo games.
  • Bingocams Bingo – This site is one of the best places to try out bingo for money games, because of their 97% payout rate. Bingocams is powered by a unique software called B-Live Gaming. This is the only Website in which the player can look at the chat hosts while they play a game of bingo. The bingo halls and rooms are also not networked. Players aren’t required to buy or install a webcam to see the chat host. They just need to have a computer with a stable Internet connection. Bingocams also has the best people that work at their customer support. The wins at this bingo for money site can be withdrawn easily without hassle.
  • Spice Bingo – This site is providing a payout rate of 93% to their clients. The smallest withdrawal is equal to £100, with a processing time of up to 10 business days. The £100 in real funds has to be wagered before the player can submit a withdrawal request. Spice Bingo always welcomes their new clients at this bingo site with a deposit bonus of 200%, and this is also what the new players will get if they don’t end up using the code. So if they make a placement of £10, they’ll receive £30 for their favourite bingo for money games. And that’s not all, since depositing players will also get the chance to spin the site’s bonus wheel. Here, the players are guaranteed to receive an extra bonus of up to £2,500.
  • Jackpotjoy – Another bingo site made by Gamesys. This is a site that offers an excellent payout rate, which is 95%. Jackpotjoy also provides a bonus of 250% on the player’s initial placement, with up to a maximum placement worth £100. If the player puts in £10, they will obtain a welcome bonus worth £25. This gives them a total of £35. And if the player makes a placement of £100, they can receive a warm welcome bonus worth £250, which equals to £350 to play with. This welcome bonus will expire if the player doesn’t use it in the next 30 days, beginning from the day that it was credited.
  • Heart Bingo – One more addition to the growing list of sites that have a payout rate of 95%. These bingo rooms aren’t as packed as the ones found on other sites, so there’s always a great chance of winning. The payouts aren’t too much of a hassle either. The smallest withdrawal is worth £10, and the processing time is usually 48 hours. Rookies at Heart Bingo are given a percentage of 200% in initial placement bonuses. Players have to make a deposit of £30, but there’s £200 worth of bonus funds on hand for that initial placement. And what’s even better is that these bonuses can be played on slot games and bingo for money games as well, even though different betting terms are applied to each.