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Bingo Hall Online has been included in the list of award winning online bingo sites for 2015. This online bingo site really deserves the awards it has received because of the high quality of games and services it provides to its online players. Millions of patrons look forward to this online bingo site’s news and promotions because it is highly informative. Bingo Hall is becoming one of the world’s most effective virtual recreational facilities that help people de-stress after a long and tiring day.

What You Can Get from Bingo Hall Online

Bingo Hall Online is not only popular because of the length of its tenure in the online bingo industry but also because of the site’s amazing features as well. If you have tried playing at Bingo Hall before, you will know how simple it is to navigate the site and explore the various games they have. Find out more about the features of Bingo Hall Online below and see what you can get from the site as a player.

Software Used

You won’t be surprised to know that there is more than one online bingo software program powering Bingo Hall Online given the number of games available in their gallery. One of the software solutions used by Bingo Hall is the world-renowned Parlay Software. This software has a very good reputation and it really adds to the credibility of the site as a whole. Being one of the leading online bingo software providers in town, Parlay is responsible for bringing you the latest and most enjoyable online bingo games. The other software used by the site is none other than Topgame which also has an outstanding reputation. Together these two software providers bring you the best games at Bingo Hall.

Welcome Bonuses

This is one of the most sought after features of Bingo Hall Online. All of the new players will be given free $25 as a complimentary welcome gift from the site. This can be used to play all the games that are available. Although there are so many online bingo sites offering this kind of bonus, not all of them actually allow you to play any game of your choice and there are numerous restrictions attached to the bonus, but at Bingo Hall Online, you will get what is due to you. There is no need for you to enter a bonus code for this offer because after you submit your registration form to the site, you will automatically be credited with the free cash bonus stated on their homepage. Plus, there is also another type of bonus that you can get as a new player and that is the first deposit bonus. If you think that $25 will not last long enough for you to satisfy your online bingo cravings, you may place your first deposit to your account and it will earn you 500% additional cash. This means you will have a pocketful of cash while playing your favourite games at Bingo Hall.

Accessibility and Portability

Bingo Hall Online can be accessed by almost everyone who has a stable Internet connection and a computer or even a mobile device. This online bingo site allows players from different parts of the world and it makes the online bingo experience more enjoyable and meaningful to most of the players. Also, this online bingo site is available to mobile users. You can directly play through your phone’s browser as if you are using a desktop computer. This is a great feature because you can take the game wherever you want to and you can also play anytime. Online bingo gaming has never been this convenient but with Bingo Hall Online, it really is.

Games Offered at the Site

It was previously mentioned that Bingo Hall Online is powered by two of the greatest online bingo softwares today. This means you will be able to play games that are extraordinarily fun and exciting at the site. Every now and then, this online bingo site adds new games to their existing list. In fact, these games are as equally enjoyable as the old ones but the prizes are a bit more generous than usual. Some of the newest games at Bingo Hall Online today are the following:

Aladdin’s Magical Treasure

This is an online slot game that can be played at Bingo Hall. As obvious as its name, Aladdin’s Treasure has a fairytale-like concept with themes taken from the story of Aladdin. Just like any other game at Bingo Hall, you will be able to try this game first before actually paying for it. There is a practice version at the site that will allow you to familiarize the concept and the symbols used in the game. You can always play for real money when you think you are ready to take the risk. This game has a reasonable jackpot prize that can help you achieve your goal of getting richer through online bingo games.

Ducks and Eggs

This is one of the hottest games ever offered at Bingo Hall . It is also an online slot game that is as enjoyable as the first game mentioned. Cute little ducks of different species and colours are used as symbols for the game. When you click the practice mode, you will initially be given initial gambling money worth $500. It is up to you how to use that money. However, since you only clicked the practice mode, you will not be able to redeem the prizes you win while playing the game. Nevertheless, it would still be helpful to practice first before paying for the game so that you will gain more confidence.

Hockey League

Lastly, it is time for Bingo Hall  to add some action to their list of video slot games. This is a 5-reel online video slot game with 20 different pay lines. This is one of the low-cost games offered at the site because the minimum bet is as low as $0.01. If you are a huge hockey fan, you will know the symbols used in the game without even asking for an explanation. This game will provide you with some action-filled nights at the site. You can use your free cash bonus, given upon sign up , on this game and win yourself some real cash prizes that will keep you funded for a couple of days without re-depositing to your account.