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People can select from numerous amount of online games on the internet. There are simpler ones, like online slot games, or bingo for money, and there are more difficult ones, like online poker games. Not all games are equally enjoyable for every person, though; there are people who just want to play without learning any difficult rules while there are those players, who are not satisfied with only pushing the buttons, but they insist on complexity. Let’s reveal which type suits you best. I have collected the main differences between one of the most difficult and the easiest games: Online poker and online bingo for money.

Online poker and bingo for money

The good news is, no matter which you choose, you will be able to win money. The amount to win will depend on the type of tournament or jackpot type you take. The more people visit these sites, the higher the prizes can get, so it’s always worth searching for websites with higher traffic. Luckily you can find numerous websites on the internet that offer poker and bingo for money, and you can select from playing for free or you can choose to invest in order to win more valuable prizes.

Rules to learn

Playing poker involves a lot of rules to learn. There are different types and tournaments of poker, has their own regulations how to play. Newbies definitely have to learn them to be able to even start playing, which means that it is rather difficult for beginners to join the poker community. Those who would rather just jump in a game without any difficult rules should go with bingo. There is online bingo for money as well, where the jackpot sizes can hit a $1 million despite the fact that all the rules are not too complex. Of course, both games together with all the rest on the internet, have their own etiquette that each participant must follow.

Math matters

Online poker is all about math. You can learn all the hands and count what your chances are with each combination of cards. You can choose to keep cards depending on how much they contribute to winning the game. You can decide what to do based on the strategy you follow. This ability of decision making means you can actually influence the outcome of the game. On the other hand, in a complete game of chance, as bingo is, you cannot influence anything. It does not mean though, that you can ensure winning in poker but you can increase the probability with wise decisions.

In case of bingo for money, basically nothing depends on you. The only way to increase your chances is to buy more cards. This is not clearly a disadvantage, though. Learning all the combinations of cards in poker, and count the chances are really difficult, especially when you are in the middle of a game. It often scares people away. Playing free bingo, or bingo for money is way easier. You don’t have to prepare in advance and you don’t have to sharpen your cognitive abilities if you’d like to join the bingo community. Still, you can win money.

Playing against people vs. playing against luck.

I have mentioned the difficulty of counting the odds in online poker. And often times this will not be enough of a strategy, either. In poker you are not only playing with your cards but you’re playing against all the people participating in the game. You always have to adjust your playing style to theirs and consider what their next step can be. In this game, your chances not only depend on your own decisions but on their decision as well. And if there is someone in the game who is slightly smarter than you are, you can easily lose a lot of money before you could even understand what happened.

In online bingo for money you don’t need to track other people’s actions as the outcome is totally independent from the participants’ decisions. It’s more about challenging your luck. Players of bingo can 100% relax while the game is on, and just wait for the winner call without having anything to do whatsoever.

Being a good or a bad player

Sometimes, when you play poker you prepare for that particular game, you continuously count the odds, you make perfect decisions on keeping or folding, and in theory, everything works out perfectly – but the last card just won’t come and at the end another player wins the game. You have more ability to influence the game,but luck still plays an important role. Your task is to minimize its role, but obviously, you cannot eliminate it completely. It can be pretty frustrating.

In free online bingo or bingo for money, the lack of individual influence relieves this amount of stress off the players. There aren’t really good or bad players. Therefore, this kind of frustration does not threaten bingo players.

Different activity levels

Poker clearly needs more strategic planning and better cognitive abilities. Therefore, playing the game can provide way more fun knowing that you can actually have an effect on the outcome. Taking part in a game where every individual depends on the others, where you also have the potential to win, and even the smallest act of a player can be a hint or a sign for the others creates a great excitement and a unique atmosphere. Poker players just love this complexity.

For poker players, bingo for money does not provide enough input. The level of activity is rather low. However, bingo lovers appreciate this simplicity. There is more chance to relax, and to just enjoy wherever luck brings them. Also, there is much more space for online conversations in chat boxes with fellow players. Moreover, despite its simple features, it provides preset and progressive jackpots at the same time.

As we can clearly see, online poker and online bingo for money require totally different skills and mindset. Poker is more about individual performance. The outcome depends on the combination of different factors delivered by the players and of course luck to a certain extent. This can be overwhelming for people, who cannot bear that much pressure. Not everyone enjoys poker, but for those who do, bingo just won’t be enough. Bingo for money is a much less intense game that requires much less cognitive work while still enables people to win big money. So those who would go for a much easier and relaxing game can turn to bingo games. We all are different but we all can find the most entertaining and beneficial options out there that suit our preferences.