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Cheeky Bingo is one of the leading online bingo sites today. The site is so popular that even when you hear the name Cheeky, you automatically think of great bonuses, cash prizes and chat features. All the features at the site are well thought of and well implemented so the players have a great time while they are in the site. Cheeky Bingo is not only spreading good vibes to the online bingo players but it is also spreading great promises to its loyal patrons.

What You Get When You Play at Cheeky Bingo

Cheeky Bingo has many things to offer. Starting from the moment you register with the site to the time you withdraw your winnings. Although there were complaints raised during the site’s lifetime, the issues were easily resolved. This online bingo site probably has everything you need from a single bingo site. These are the features that make up Cheeky Bingo which will definitely leave you awestruck:

  • Bonuses
    Name the bonus you want, and Cheeky Bingo is always ready to give you that bonus. Right from the moment you decide to join Cheeky’s growing community, you will be spoiled with a lot of freebies and bonuses. After a successful registration process, you will be given a free £10 no deposit bonus. This can be used to play any games available at Cheeky during the time of registration.
  • There is also a match up bonus for all the players who wish to deposit funds to their accounts. The minimum deposit you need to make in order to qualify for their amazing 500% 1st deposit match up bonus is only £10. If you think that depositing £10 is difficult, you can deposit £5 but this will not make you eligible to claim the 500% match up bonus. This is one of the best offers at Cheeky Bingo. A 500% match up bonus means you will get an additional £50 if you deposit at least £10. With that bonus, you will start your online bingo journey with £60 on your bankroll.
  • The match up bonus at Cheeky Bingo does not stop there, though. On your 2nd and 3rd deposits, you will also receive a 200% and 100% match up bonus from Cheeky respectively. This is a great offer that you can take advantage of. Having a lot of savings is equivalent to winning the jackpot prize for the bingo games offered at the site.
  • Super Friendly Chat Masters
    The one thing that makes Cheeky Bingo extremely proud is the quality of their chat service. One thing that keeps the players loyal to the site is the treatment they receive from the site’s staff. Luckily, Cheeky worked hard on training their staff to put the needs of the members before their own. As a result, the chat masters are player-oriented and they entertain and answer questions in a well-mannered way. The chat masters at Cheeky Bingo are also in charge of formulating and initiating chat room games to make the room livelier and to help online players bond over the games.
  • Countless Number of Games
    One of the things that will please any online player is to provide them with a lot of games. If the site manages to have all the most entertaining games in the world, no matter what category the game is from, online players will continue to patronize the site for a long period of time. This is what happened to Cheeky Bingo. This online bingo site made sure that you have a lot of options while you are in the site. Although the main offer of the site are bingo games, you will have the chance to experience other fun online casino games such as slots, table and card games. Not all players know which kind of game suits them so this is really advantageous on your part if you are that kind of player. If you easily get bored with a single game, then Cheeky can really help you enjoy playing to your heart’s content.
  • Unlimited Privileges
    When it comes to opportunities and privileges, you can lean on Cheeky Bingo to give you the most amazing deals. Every day, you will be allowed to play free bingo games that will help you earn additional funds. Since the games are free, you technically saved a session’s worth of funds and if you happen to win the jackpot, that also serves as additional savings on your part. From time to time, Cheeky Bingo releases bonuses and other freebies that will make your online bingo journey easier than ever.
  • Deals and Promotions
    Taking advantage of various offers from this online bingo site can bring a lot of good things. At Cheeky, you will definitely have a lot of promotional offers to choose from. For example, this online bingo site is currently having a daily free giveaway to all the members who log in to the site. This is a special event called Blind Date. Another outstanding promotion at Cheeky in line with the Love Month celebration is their “10 Things I Love About You” special event. If you join this event, you will receive 10 amazing gifts from Cheeky for 10 consecutive days. The gifts include a 100% deposit bonus, a cash back bonus, free spins bonus and a lot more amazing cash and non-cash gifts. This is more than enough reason for you to remain loyal to Cheeky.

Those are only a few of the features you can find at Cheeky Bingo right now. If you want to experience receiving too much and giving too little, then you should visit Cheeky regularly. The longer you stay in the site, the better it gets. Cheeky does not stop thinking of ways on improving the site so you can look forward to better gaming days. No matter what time zone you are in, no matter when you wish to play online bingo games, Cheeky will be more than happy to welcome you to their family. Do not hesitate to visit this online bingo site because the first deposit is on them. The only thing you can do to return the favour is to enjoy and make worthy memories while you are playing in the site.