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Technological advances have it made it possible for virtually everybody to play bingo free online in the UK. Bingo has always been a popular game enjoyed by friends and family who troop together to bingo halls for a few hours of fun and games. With the current popularity and accessibility of online sites, bingo enthusiasts can choose from among the many available sites to enjoy a few hours of fun while staying at home or on the road.

In the past, groups of friends and families usually traveled together to bingo halls to play and meet with other friends. The bingo hall functions as a venue for meeting with friends who love the game. The social aspect of bingo is maintained by online sites through chatrooms where players can play bingo free online, meet new friends and establish contact with old friends currently residing elsewhere. The advantage of online bingo is that you can arrange to play the same bingo games with friends though you may live in different parts of the country.

Online bingo sites have maintained the social aspect of bingo through the chatrooms where players can interact with one another in a friendly setting. Chatrooms allow patrons to play bingo free online and win prizes on the side while waiting for their games to start. It is no wonder that the number of online bingo sites is continuously on the increase as more people are attracted to play the game from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, the number of online sites operating in the UK now is greater than the number of bingo halls during the height of the game’s popularity.

The increase in the number of online sites has fostered a strong competition to attract new players. To entice new players to the game and to attract regular players to the site, operators have resorted to attractive promotional deals such as cash bonuses and offers to play bingo free online. Free bingo means either playing in a room where you do not have to pay for tickets, or receiving cash bonuses that you can use for buying bingo tickets for real cash prizes.

Cash bonuses offered to new players come in two forms: the no-deposit cash bonus that players can wager without making a deposit; and the welcome- and match-deposit bonuses that you can wager only after you have made an initial deposit to play on the site. The no-deposit cash bonus allows you to play bingo free online. You can use the free cash to explore the different game rooms, wager in a few games, and even win a small amount of real cash with a minimal deposit. If you are new to bingo, the bonus allows you to learn the game without spending your own money.

Some players may wonder how online bingo operators can afford to give out so much free cash to players. In reality, the site does not award players with cash but rather gives them money to spend on the games. Cash bonuses are for wagering only and cannot be redeemed or cashed out. Your winnings when you play bingo free online using no-deposit cash bonuses are subject to rigorous wagering requirements that can make it difficult to claim payouts. Even if you do not win, playing for free rewards you with a few hours of fun and entertainment without spending a penny.

Offers from established bingo sites to play bingo free online are a major attraction for new as well as regular bingo players. Many established sites have adopted the practice of offering free play to new players by creating newbie rooms that provide unlimited free play. To reward loyal patrons, special free games with lucrative cash prizes are held at set times during the week. Some sites require players to earn a certain number of credit points in order to qualify to play bingo free online and win cash.

Many popular online bingo sites in the UK have attracted new bingo players by allowing them to play bingo free online. Listed below are some of the ways in which free play is packaged by these online sites.

• Cheeky Bingo pioneered offering free play in 2009 by opening a free bingo room with daily cash prizes. New players get £10 free and the chance to play in the Big Freebie Room to win real cash prizes. The site does not require a deposit when you register and play in the free room, but a deposit is required before you can claim a payout from winning any of the free games.

• Costa Bingo allows new players who have made an initial deposit to join free play games in the First Time Depositor Freebie games that play every 30 minutes with a guaranteed £15 jackpot. Free games are held daily in other bingo rooms that new players can join without making a deposit, but an initial deposit will be required before you can claim a prize.

• Wink Bingo has a New Players Zone for newbies and a Loyal Player Zone for regular patrons that offer free play to win cash prizes. The Winkers Freebie game has a £20 prize for each game held every hour while the Newbies Room has a total of £300 cash prizes in the daily games.

• 888Ladies Bingo features a Free Daily Bingo Room in its Celebration tab that all regular players can join. Ten free games with a guaranteed pot of £50 each are held daily, for a total of £500 cash prizes. New players can join the £296 Free Daily Bingo that features 10 daily games with reals cash prizes and with no deposit required.

The sites encourage players to play bingo free online in the spirit of fun, in bingo rooms that exude a friendly atmosphere. It is mainly for this reason why many bingo lovers have shifted to online play rather than venture out to reach bingo halls.
For as long as online sites continue to feature bingo rooms where players can play bingo free online and win real cash, bingo games will remain a favorite game among online gamblers.