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Cyber Bingo has been giving away cash prizes for the last twenty years, which is why global players choose them for a secure and fun bingo experience. In this article, we share some of the latest promotions at the site. Be careful not to miss any of these.

Bingolicious Tourney at Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo has delicious prizes worth $1000 up for grabs every week which is given to their tourney winners. All you need to do is participate in their Bingolicious Tourney games. And if you win a majority of the games all through the evening, you’ll become a Tourney winner and awarded a cash prize of $300.

So join Cyber Bingo today for some Bingolicious excitement and a taste for the incredible bingo games on Friday nights from 8PM to 11:59PM.

Win free cash

With a whole lot of treat at the site, ensure to make time for some extra sweet treats at 11 PM. There is a free game with a Bingolicious guaranteed cash prize of $1,000.

Rules of the Tourney

  • Only those games played during the Bingolicious Tourney in the Tourney Room from 8PM to 11:59PM are applicable.
  • In order to qualify for the prizes, you need to be an active funding player and must have deposited at least once in the last thirty days.
  • If there happens to be a tie, the player who reaches the winning total first gets the high ranking prize.
  • You should be one of the top ten winners once a month.
  • The player’s account will be credited with the cash prizes automatically the next day.
  • The top five prizes are given as cash while the remaining five prizes are given as bonus funds.

Visit the website to know more about the Bingolicious Tourney.

This month’s promotions at Cyber Bingo

  • Women’s Equality Fair N Square

Women’s Equality Day, which is organized on August 26th, is the right moment to celebrate for women’s rights and equal treatment. So Cyber Bingo will be celebrating this day with the fairest games which can be played by all.

Make sure to be present in the Summer Bingo room on this day from 7PM to 11PM. Each of these games come with a guaranteed cash prize amounting to $100, with the cost of each card set at only $0.45.

How are these games so fair? Every player is given exactly six cards for each game, indicating that every participant has the same opportunity of winning the prize. This makes the bingo games at Women’s Equality Fair N Square the fairest.

  • Big Bingo Time

No celebration is complete in the absence of the entertaining Big Bingo event on the 27th of August. Play for guaranteed prizes worth $13,000 in this event. Every bingo player would love to play for gigantic cash prizes and in this event, there are thousands of dollars in cash prizes at Cyber Bingo.

The Big Bingo Fun begins at 8PM in the Bingo Tourney Room and to begin this event, the site has three guaranteed games of $1,000, with the cost of each card being $2. That translates to a huge $3,000 in cash prizes up for grabs.

At 11PM on the same night, Cyber Bingo will be hosting another guaranteed game of $10,000. Your dreams could really come true with this biggest game of the month.

  • Sweet 20th Birthday Bingo Tourney

It’s the 20th birthday of Cyber Bingo and everyone is invited to participate in the fun this August. The site will be giving away huge guaranteed prizes of $4,000 each to the top fifty players in this occasion.  The celebrations will be held every day in the Summer Bingo Room all through August commencing from the 1st of the month.

You can play these games 24 by 7 for this month, and each time you win these special games, you will be given one tourney point.  The higher the number of points you amass this month, the higher you move up to the tourney leaderboard and have an opportunity to win a fabulous cash prize of $1000. The price of each card is just $0.05.

  • 20 Years of Fun

It’s also the 20th anniversary of the network used by Cyber Bingo-Virtue Fusion. This means fabulous casino fun and incredible prizes for all their players throughout August. This tourney plays from the 1st of August to the 31st of August and gives an amazing prize of $3,000 to the top twenty players who spin and win the most on their selected video slots.

The site has picked a fun filled array of video slots for this promotion. You just need to play these games and climb up the tourney leaderboard and win one out of twenty brilliant prizes. Your aggregate winnings will be totaled all through the tourney. And if you are successful in climbing up the ladder, you get a fabulous cash prize of $1000.

  • Nickel Room

Play your favorite bingo game in the Nickel Bingo room to win huge cash prizes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3PM to 9PM. These low cost games are packed with amazing cash prizes that can be won easily. For instance, the cost of a card for a Crazy Nickel game is $0.05 and the cash pot begins at $100. The coverall game in this room comes with a prize of $2,500, with a card cost being only $0.05.

  • Fantasy Bingo Tourney

Cash in on the excitement of the site’s Fantasy Bingo Tourney on Saturdays from 8PM to 11:59PM. This promotion at Cyber Bingo has a guaranteed prize of $15,000 and is guaranteed to be full of excitement and fun as you’ll be encountering Dragons, Unicorns and a unique world packed with fantasy characters. If you happen to win most of the games in the Fantasy Bingo Tourney, you can easily become a Tourney winner, winning up to $300 in hard cash.

Also, the top ten players of the week get fabulous rewards, so ensure to play and get an opportunity to win this fantastic prize.

  • Speedie Bingo Fun

Accelerate the fun of playing bingo from 4AM to 6AM and then again from 4PM to 6PM every day in this seasonal bingo room. The cost of each card for these games is only $0.35, with the starting pot being $10. This grows proportionately as the players wager. So the higher the number of players, the greater the cash prize!

With so many exciting promotions this month, you’ll be spoilt of choices and maybe pampered with the prizes at Cyber Bingo.