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Popular online casinos incorporate various kinds of virtual casino games and bingo games on their sites. Online bingo is the most popular one among these sites. A lot of people enjoy these online bingo games because they give them the chance to earn plenty of cash, and have lots of fun at the same time. Just like most gambling games, bingo relies on chance. Nearly every bingo game requires players to match up numbers. If these players get the urge to try out their luck in these games, they can play it at a virtual casino Website.

The rising popularity of virtual gambling has given way to more variety when it comes to bingo. A lot of these casino Websites have created many advanced features that are filled with easy-to-play versions of the game. Plenty of graphics and animation in these bingo gambling Websites make the game really entertaining. Players can enjoy these bingo games by browsing through the rules and step by step instructions provided in the game sites.

One of the best things about these virtual bingo games is that there are so many different types of the game. This allows players to have lots of fun and make the game twice as exciting. But just because there are dozens of bingo games out there doesn’t necessarily mean that they have their own level of difficulty. On the other hand, these games actually present the player with many winning opportunities and a bigger fun factor.

Four Popular Variants of Bingo Games

  • Bingo U-Pick-Em – This is more like a lotto type bingo game in which players get to choose the numbers that they want to win. These games are mostly compared to Keno, thanks to its resemblance to the popular Chinese game. Nevertheless, Bingo U-Pick-Em is still a popular variety of bingo. These games might include a U-Pick-Em game, in which the players can pick eight numbers of their liking found on a small bingo card. For example, plenty of N numbers can be called out during a gaming session, so the player has to place up to four N numbers on the card, to be able to increase their chances of winning, based on the trends. Players need to watch out for other bingo trends as well, such as specific and frequent numbers like O66, G48, and I16.
  • Bingo Bonanza – A highly entertaining bingo game. Players need to buy their bingo cards to press ‘play’. When the bingo balls are released, they are immediately ticked off on the card. Players have to finish one horizontal row in these bingo games before 60 balls can be taken out, and they can call themselves winners. A pyramid of multipliers that get shown are the matches that are required to win. Players can place their bets from 50p to £10 and click on ‘play’ to release six balls. Every bingo ball will get a number corresponding to the pyramid chart. A winning combination involves two similar balls that make a match. The prizes for these bingo games are determined by the size of the bet, times the multiplier for the winning match. There are eight types of multipliers that go up in value with each level. The jackpots and biggest multipliers are 20,000 times the wager. For example, a stake of £5.00 is equivalent to 100,000 credits.
  • Lucky Numbers Bingo – An Irish-themed 90-ball bingo games in which players can select three lucky numbers when they purchase bingo tickets. If one bingo player ends up winning a line or a full house in one of the selected numbers, the player who gets to choose these numbers also wins a cash jackpot. These new bingo games are filled with additional excitement to regular 90-ball games, at plenty of bingo sites. Players can win three types of jackpot prizes when they take part in a game of Lucky Numbers bingo. It all depends on how many numbers they have managed to pair up. Match one number to obtain a bronze jackpot of £1.50, and match 2 numbers to score the silver jackpot worth £20. If a player is able to pair off all three numbers, they can win the Super Gold jackpot, equal to £500. A smaller amount of 6 bingo tickets have to be bought in order to play Lucky Numbers Bingo. Players can pick any three numbers from 1 to 90 when buying bingo tickets.
  • Electro Bingo – These are single-player bingo games that are perfect for those players who want to play a smaller game of bingo on the Internet. These games have taken their inspiration from the developers of Microgaming, so the graphics found here are of high calibre. There are a total of sixty balls with 30 that get drawn during every game. Play all four cards that have betting options ranging from $1 to $5 with every card. There are also fifteen numbered squares on each card, with fourteen different patterns that create a winning combo. Players have to match the numbers to the balls that get dropped with a corresponding pattern, and obtain that reward. After 30 balls are drawn, if the players have one to go in order to get bingo, they can get the option to purchase up to ten balls. The reward of these additional balls will depend on the player’s bingo card. The bigger the potential win in these games, the higher the price of the ball will be.

Other Types of Bingo Games

  • Speed Bingo – A type of traditional bingo game. These games are played at dozens of virtual casino Websites. The basis to be able to enjoy this game is to speed it up, so that every game lasts no longer than 30 seconds. Speed Bingo is more popularly known as 30-ball bingo. This is the latest member of the online bingo family. These types of online bingo games have to be played at a very fast pace, and in the end, it creates more winners every hour than any of the other bingo games.